The future outlines of the restaurant can be traced back to 1955, when Josep (‘Pepet’) Arumí and Carme Bou, newly-married, decided to open a grocery shop on the outskirts of Santa Eugènia. The shop was right beside the little house that Pepet, a builder by profession, had been constructing “every Saturday and Sunday for five years”.

The shop quickly became a favourite meeting point for people passing in and out of the town, and regular clients encouraged the couple to extend their services by offering coffee, soft drinks and even “a good meal in the morning”. The business really began to take off, so much so that, in 1960, the couple decided to extend their business and open a restaurant. “We began to have so much work that I had to stop working as a builder,” recalled Pepet, by then a grandfather.

The growing success of the restaurant forced the couple to employ a chef at the beginning of the 1970s. They found what they were looking for in José Luís Domínguez, who had been working in the state-run hotel, the Parador of Vic. Forty years later, José is still cooking up dishes at L’Arumí! His specialities, rabbit with ‘alioli’, roast veal, and duck with pears, were just some of the dishes that went down a treat with his regular customers, who came from all possible backgrounds. The restaurant quickly came to serve up daily menus to a hundred people or more.

In the 1980s, the second generation of the family took over at the restaurant. The two sons of the marriage, Josep and Joan, and their respective wives, Maria Ángeles Isern and Isabel Calzada, took advantage of the changeover to enlarge the restaurant and give the business a new spirit.

Fish dishes soon became one of the great specialities of the house, together with dishes which have become firm favourites over the years, such as sirloin steak with foie gras and a reduction of the liqueur ratafia, veal carpaccio, and bull’s tail in red wine.

An updated kitchen for an establishment that, with the help of the third generation, Albert Arumi and en Guillem Arumi, is laying the foundations to face the future with guarantees by introducing innovative dishes with more ecological, local and seasonal products.